I am a young bioinformatics researcher, currently working in the GenScale team from INRIA - Rennes, France.

After a Master's degree in Theoretical Computer Science from Université de Rouen Normandie, I prepared my PhD in the TIBS team from the LITIS laboratory, and was supervised by Thierry Lecroq and advises by Arnaud Lefebvre. I defended my thesis in September 2019, and joined INSA Rouen Normandie as a research and teaching assistant, in order to to broaden my teaching experience. During this year, I had the chance to teach to a wide variety of engineer students, from first cycle, but also from computer science and mathematics engineering specialties.

During my PhD, my resarch mainly focused on the study of high-trhoughput sequencing data, and more precisely on the error-correction of long reads from third-generation sequencing technologies.

In September 2020, I joined GenScale team from INRIA - Rennes, France, as a post-doctoral researcher, under Claire Lemaitre's supervision. My work focuses on the study of structural varations in butterflies, with linked-reads data.


Ongoing projects