I am a young bioinformatics scientist, currently working for Illumina.

After a Master's degree in Theoretical Computer Science from Université de Rouen Normandie, I prepared my PhD in the TIBS team from the LITIS laboratory, and was supervised by Thierry Lecroq and advises by Arnaud Lefebvre. I defended my thesis in September 2019, and joined INSA Rouen Normandie as a research and teaching assistant, in order to to broaden my teaching experience. During this year, I had the chance to teach to a wide variety of engineer students, from first cycle, but also from computer science and mathematics engineering specialties.

During my PhD, my resarch mainly focused on the study of high-trhoughput sequencing data, and more precisely on the error-correction of long reads from third-generation sequencing technologies. I thus developed three different tools, allowing the evaluation of the quality of the correction provided by existing methods, the correction of extremly noisy long reads, and the correction of extremly long reads, called ultra-long reads.

In September 2020, I joined GenScale team from INRIA - Rennes, France, as a post-doctoral researcher, under Claire Lemaitre's supervision. My work focuses on the study of structural varations, with linked-reads data. More precisely, I already developed a tool and a C++ library allowing to process the barcodes present in such data, both from BAM and FASTQ files, as well as a structural variant calling tool, reducing resource consumption compared to the state-of-the-art, and allowing to analyze non-models organisms on which existing tools cannot be applied.

During the course of my postdoc, I had the opportunity to join Illumina as a bioinformatics scientist in September 2021, and I still work here currently.


  • I left my academic career behind to join Illumina as a bioinformatics scientist in September 2021.

  • LRez has been published in Bioinformatics Advances! The project is also available on GitHub.

  • The preprint for LEVIATHAN is available. The project is also available on GitHub.

Ongoing academic projects